Argentine Tango in Ghent

Season Oct-Dec '17

This season of classes will be thought by Liz & Yannick Vanhove

10h30-11h45: Intermediates/Advanced 
19h00-20h15: Ladies Technique (men are welcome!) - FULL
20h15-21h30: Intermediates - FULL
21h30-22h45: Advanced - FULL

19h00-20h15: Pre-Intermediates and Beginners 2 (continuation of beginners)
20h15-21h30: Beginners
21h30-22u45: Intermediates 

Season Jan-Mar '18

This season of classes will be thought by Eva & Brenno

10h30-11h45: Intermediates/Advanced 
19h00-20h15: Beginners
20h15-21h30: Intermediates - FULL
21h30-22h45: Advanced 

19h00-20h15: Pre-Intermediates 
20h15-21h30: Beginners 2
21h30-22u45: Milonga (Intermediates/Advanced)


The series consist of 10 classes and cost 125 euro per person. 
*€35 discount for students untill age 26, discount only valid with valid Student card. 
*Discount upon following several series in the same season.
** Per series, there is only room for 12 couples, register fast!

More information:
By registering for a series of classes you declare to agree with our General Conditions (Algemene Voorwaarden).


Attic - CC Meulestede
Meulestedekaai in between number 29 and 30
9000 Ghent