Events for companies



Tangorrion can arranges performances for your seminars, personnel and corporate parties, conferences and other corporate events.

Argentine Tango has captured the imagination of many. It is an elegant , stylish , understated , sometimes passionate dance . One of the professional couples of the Tangorrion Team can bring customized action in the framework of your event . They may bring  both an improvisation and a choreography show . An improvisation is typically understated and creates an intimate atmosphere , this is very suitable for eg . quiet candlelight dinners. Choreographies are often more spectacular and require a little more space .

If interested , please do not hesitate to contact us via mail for more information .




If you are looking for an original team building for your employees or colleagues , then a tango initiation is without a doubt what you are looking for .

The Tangorrion team teaches the basics of Argentine Tango in a fun and relaxed way , spiced with some history about the Argentine Tango. Afterwards they give a little demonstration .

Do not hesitate to contact us via mail for more information .

These options are also possible for private or neighborhood parties!