Team Tangorrion

Liz & Yannick

LIZ & YANNICK Vanhove are the founders of Tangorrion. 

They learned their first steps of Argentine Tango in 2001 and after a stay of two years in Buenos Aires, they founded Tangorrion in January 2010 with the goal of sharing their knowledge of the authentic Argentine Tango.

In 2012 they became the European Champions of Tango Salon, the vice-champions of Tango Escenario and finalists of the World Championship! For them, this was the start of their international career. 

When they're not busy working in Buenos Aires or touring in Europe or the US, they spend their time expanding their school in Belgium.

Liz and Yannick

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Maricel Gomez & Roberto Leiva

Maricel and Roberto danced in the well-known company 'Corporacion Tango'
Roberto danced in the 'Milonga' of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
They teach at Tangorrion during the season of January 2019.